Successful year at SCMS Annual Conference 2014

By Taylor LoNigro
April 11, 2014

The Society for Cinema & Media Studies annual conference was a successful and invigorating time for the faculty members and SFSU students, both past and present, that attended this year’s event in Seattle! Not only did the SF State faculty and alumni get to enjoy the amenities of the conference, but the gathering also served as family reunion. The SCMS conference is an outlet to those in cinema and media studies to present screenings and projects, attend workshops and panels, and network.

Daniel Bernardi, Chair of the Cinema Department here at SF State, Director at DocFilm, and guest speaker at the SCMS conference, has been attending since the early 1990s and was truly impressed by this year’s event.

“This was one of the best years of the event because the organization has grown considerably and become far more forward-looking and professional,” said Bernardi.


SF State staff/alumni reunion party hosted by Randy Rutsky, photo by Michael A. Behrens

With the presence of SF State alumni such as David Church, Kris Fallon, Clayton Dillard and many others, the SF State cinema department and master’s program has ample reason to be proud of its successful faculty and staff.

According to SF State cinema professor and SCMS attendee Aaron Kerner, one of the greatest challenges at the conference was the difficulty in choosing which events to attend out of the numerous options.

“If you are present at one, there are 15 other panels that you’re missing,” said Kerner. “It’s only possible to be in one place at a one time.”


Daniel Bernardi hosting a workshop at the SCMS Annual Conference

Since so many panels and workshops were presented in the five-day event, Kerner explained that following specific themes and trends in certain panels made it easier to narrow down which ones to attend. A few of the topics that caught his attention were exploitation cinema, sexuality, and new distribution models.

Kerner also presented a video essay at the SCMS conference. To him, it’s easier to communicate more visual information through video. With all of our current technologies nowadays, filmmaking is much more accessible than it has been ever before.

If you are interested, check out the video essay Kerner presented here.

We’re so happy to hear that everyone in attendance of the conference truly enjoyed themselves and what the Society had to offer. 

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